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Advance Care Planning - A religious perspective

Courtesy of AARP MD (30 min.)

A discussion among religious leaders about their perspectives on advance care and end-of-life planning.

Ted Meyerson, a volunteer at AARP Maryland, discusses advance care planning with Rabbi Amy Scheinerman, Imam Yahya Hendi, and lay leaders from Catholic and Baptist churches.

Art Gallery Tour - Guided tour of an art gallery

Courtesy of Roland Park Place (30 min)

A guided tour of the original art collection at Roland Park Place in Baltimore, Maryland, with Lillian Burgunder.

Lillian Burgunder, an art historian who taught art history and Spanish at Gilman School, gives a tour of the collection being assembled at Roland Park Place. She chairs the Roland Park Place Art Committee whose members all have academic and/or professional backgrounds in the Visual Arts, including an artist; museum curator; museum administrator, museum archivist; museum librarian; university professor and a major art collector.

Avoiding COVID Scams and Fraud - Legal & Financial Advice

Courtesy of AARP VA (35 min.)

Learn how to avoid Coronavirus scams & fraud, with Martin Bailey, a member of the Virginia Fraud Watch Network of AARP

Learn about the many COVID-related scams and frauds, including fake take-at-home COVID tests, fake charities and many others.

Chair Exercise - Exercise demonstration

Courtesy of Holy Cross Health (15 min.)

Get your body moving and heart pumping with exercises you can do safely while seated.

Helen Beard, certified fitness instructor, demonstrates simple exercises you can do at home while seated that will improve your range of motion and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Chair Yoga with Brooke Mulholland - Exercise class

Courtesy Baltimore County Department of Aging (25 min)

Baltimore County Department of Aging is pleased to offer a class for older adults to enjoy Chair Yoga.

Brooke Mulholland is a guest instructor who provides classes at BCDA senior centers. Here, she demonstrates various exercises that can be done while seated in a chair.

Country Line & Partner Dancing - Dance instruction with music

Courtesy of (10 min)

Learn steps for Country line and partner dancing to “Cotton Eyed Joe.”

This dance instruction video was filmed at the Wildhorse Saloon in Memphis, Tenn., showing how to dance to Cotton Eyed Joe with a partner or on your own.

Downsizing/Selling Your Home and Choosing Senior Living - Class with Powerpoint

Courtesy of Howard County Office on Aging & Independence (36 min.)

Learn important tips for downsizing or selling your home; plus an overview of senior living options.

Speakers with experience working with older homeowners speak about downsizing, best practices when selling your home, and understanding the range of senior living options, from independent living to assisted living.

Flaming Filet Mignon with Chef Francis - Step-by-step recipe

Courtesy of Maplewood Park Place (4 min.)

Learn quickly how to prepare a simple but lovely dinner from a professional chef.

Day after day, meal after meal, Maplewood’s award-winning Chef Francis Otoo serves up world-class dining. Learn about his exacting approach to the culinary arts. Learn how to make Bourbon Pan-Seared Filet by watching this video.

Go, Grow and Get Active - Exercise Class

Courtesy of Montgomery County Health & Human Services (1 hr. 40 min.)

This video contains sample laughter yoga, Taiji Fit and Zumba exercise classes.

Follow along with fitness activities including Zumba Toning, Laughter Yoga and Taiji Fit. Also, doctors from “Walk with a Doc” will share health tips. This event was pre-recorded from beautiful Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring, Md. Note: tai chi fit starts at 10 min., laughter yoga at 39 min., nature journaling at 61 min., Zumba at 1 hr. 11 min).

Healthcare Head to Toe - Class with Powerpoint

Courtesy of Howard County Office on Aging & Independence (43 min.)

An overview of the importance and value of exercise for physical and emotional health.

An exercise specialist, nurse practitioner and podiatrist, all with experience working with older adults, provide information on the benefits of physical exercise for cognitive function and emotional well-being, as well as foot care in physical fitness and fall prevention.

Healthy, Delicious Cooking - Cooking Classes

Courtesy of Howard County Office on Aging & Independence (24 min.)

Watch closely as chefs prepare a variety of delicious and healthy entrees.

Recipes include Stuffed Salmon, low-sodium Teriyaki Shrimp and Vegetable Stir Fry, and Stuffed Chicken Breasts.

How to Use Food Delivery Apps - Technology class

Senior Planet Montgomery (1 hr. 3 min.)

Learn in this program how to order groceries online for home delivery.

Ordering food from home is now easier than ever thanks to the internet. This lecture provides an overview of the most popular food delivery apps, such as Seamless. You'll learn about the pros and cons, how to search for new restaurants, and how to leave a tip and rating. We hope you enjoy this sample class and attend additional free programs at

Intergenerational Activities You Can Do from Home - Intergenerational programs

Courtesy of Empowering the Ages. (49 min.)

Learn about a variety of local intergenerational programs.

This presentation will highlight the importance of connecting older and younger generations, even during the pandemic. It features speakers from multiple intergenerational programs throughout the Baltimore-Washington region, who will share current volunteer opportunities for older adults.

Introducción a Hosting Zoom (in Spanish) - Technology classes

Senior Planet Montgomery (1 hr. 7 min.)

¡Bienvenido Beacon 50+ Expo espectadores! Aquí está una clase se llama Introducción a Hosting Zoom.

Únase a este programa para una orientación, preguntas y respuestas sobre el uso del software de videoconferencia Zoom como participante. ¡Aprenda las funciones disponibles para chatear por video con amigos y familiares, y tome clases virtuales con Senior Planet!

Introduction to Pastels - Art Class

Courtesy of Jean Hirons (1 hour)

An overview of techniques for painting with pastels.

Jean Hirons is a pastel artist and experienced teacher. Her work has been included in many national and international juried shows and her paintings are internationally collected.

Line Dance - Class

Montgomery County Recreation Department (10 min.)

Learn a classic party line dance as well as a contemporary favorite.

Get ready for your next social gathering. Robin Littlejohn Marshall teaches two popular lines dances to music with a beat. No prior dance experience is needed.

Line Dance Lessons - Line Dance instruction

Courtesy of (30 min)

Dance Fitness, Achy Breaky, Electric Slide and Come Dance with Me

Nancy Hays shows you step-by-step instructions to three popular line dances with accompanying music. The lessons are designed to improve cardiovascular fitness and health in general, as well as to have fun. More classes can be found at

Medicare Basics - Class with PowerPoint

Courtesy of Baltimore County Department of Aging (1 hr. 14 min.)

This program covers the basics of Medicare in detail and answers many questions.

Learn all about Medicare from Sherry Kolbe, manager of Baltimore County Department of Aging's SHIP Progeram (State Health Insurance Assistance Program).

Medicare, An Introduction - Class with Powerpoint

Courtesy of CIGNA (10 min.)

An overview of the most important elements of Medicare

We get it — the world of health care and Medicare can be confusing. In this video you will discover basic information including: an overview of the different parts of Medicare, the type of plans available, how Medicare works, who’s eligible, when to enroll, and more.

Mindful Meditation Workshop - Introduction to Meditation

Courtesy of Brooke Grove Retirement Foundation (50 min.)

Learn what mindful meditation is, what its benefits are, and how to begin practicing it.

Terrie Daniels, senior fitness and wellness specialist at Brooke Grove, describes mindful meditation, which can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. She then will lead a 15-minute meditation session for those wishing to try it.

Online Course Offerings - TV program

Courtesy of Baltimore County Department of Aging (30 min.)

Speakers describe the many free virtual programs offered by Baltimore County for older adults.

Online Course OfferingsEnjoy this Comcast television show describing the wide variety of virtual programs offered by the Baltimore County Department of Aging. The show is a recent episode of “The Time of Your Life,” a monthly show with Ethel Rasmussen, manager, Office of Communications, BCDA.

Rack Up the Good Times & Lessons - Billiards Shots

Courtesy of Maplewood Park Place (4 min.)

A quick introduction to some of the more useful shots in billiards.

Never a dull moment at Maplewood Park Place. Fun awaits around every corner! Take a look at one of our most talked-about social activities, the Billiards Group. Learn how to make some amazing shots from those who enjoy the game!

Senior Fit - Exercise demonstration

Courtesy of Holy Cross Health (13 min.)

Increase strength, flexibility, balance and more with Senior Fit exercises.

Patricia Smith, instructor with Senior Fit, demonstrates exercises you can do at home to increase strength, improve flexibility, balance and coordination, and give you a cardiovascular workout. These classes are offered free on an ongoing basis at

Strategies for Resilience - Class with Powerpoint

Courtesy of CIGNA (8 min.)

Speakers describe resilience and how to develop more of it.

Two behavioral health experts from CIGNA explain what resilience is, why it’s so important, and how to develop and hone this skill at any age.

Tai Chi with Andrew Giordano - Exercise class

Courtesy Baltimore County Department of Aging (34 min)

Baltimore County Department of Aging is pleased to offer a class for older adults to enjoy Tai Chi.

Andrew Giordano is a guest instructor who provides classes at BCDA senior centers. Here he explains the value of Tai Chi and describes some of the basic moves as he demonstrates them.

Zumba with Karen Daniels - Exercise class

Courtesy Baltimore County Department of Aging (34 min)

Baltimore County Department of Aging is pleased to offer a class for older adults to enjoy ZUMBA Gold.

Karen Daniels is a guest instructor who provides classes within our BCDA senior centers. Here, accompanied by exuberant music, she leads a Zumba Gold aerobic exercise class, teaching various steps and variations.