Humphrey Management

Humphrey Management is a Columbia, Maryland based residential property management firm dedicated to creating thriving communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. With a portfolio of over 6,000 multi-family, and senior apartment homes, our full-deal Humphrey Management team is adept at building and managing both conventional and affordable communities.

Management Philosophy

Creating thriving communities is not just a tagline for Humphrey Management team members; it is who we are and what we do. Community to us goes far beyond the physical buildings our residents call home. Community means that our residents and fellow team members are treated with dignity and respect; it means that a community managed by us is a valuable asset, not only to the property owner, but also to our neighborhoods. The essence of our management philosophy exemplifies our concept of community.

At Humphrey Management, we continually strive to create a vibrant environment for our residents, our team members, and our communities at-large.


We are Humphrey Management - a leader in the multifamily industry that creates thriving apartment communities. As an innovative, performance-based company, our team is rewarded for producing exceptional results for the people we touch: our colleagues, our residents, our vendors, and our investors. Respect, responsibility, and accountability are the foundations of our business.

Humphrey Management Foundations

  1. Strong, long-term personal and professional relationships are a central part of our business. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  2. We are known for our service to our residents and each other. Our Service Commitments are the basis of our interactions with our customers.
  3. Creating opportunities to partner with community-based organizations to build our thriving communities is everyone's responsibility.
  4. Innovation is vital to our competitive advantage. We are expected to generate and share new ideas that enable us to increase income, decrease expenses, compete better, and improve our services.
  5. We pride ourselves on our uncompromising levels of cleanliness. Everyone is responsible for maintaining our high standards and protecting our assets.
  6. We are ambassadors of our company at all times.
  7. Open, respectful communication means that we both listen and offer our opinions. Once a decision has been reached it is everyone's responsibility to support it.
  8. We believe that continuous learning is the key to exceptional performance. Each of us is responsible for maximizing our talents through training and education.