Maryland Relay

Greetings and welcome to The Beacon's 50+ Virtual Expo! Maryland Relay is excited to be a part of this important resource for seniors in the Maryland area!

Maryland Relay is a free public service for Maryland residents that have difficulty using a standard telephone. This difficulty could be the result of hearing, vision, or speech difficulty, or due to cognitive disabilities or memory loss.

Captioned Telephone is an important solution for individuals who are living with hearing loss. Each device is equipped with a large, customizable screen. While on a call, the screen displays captions of everything the other person says, as they say it! This allows the user to listen and read captions at the same time for better understanding and clarity. It is also able to amplify all sounds coming through the receiver for those who need increased volume.

Maryland Relay can also provide equipment to those that qualify at no cost to them through the Telecommunications Access of Maryland (TAM) Program! Through an evaluation process, we will assist you in selecting the perfect equipment to meet your needs and preferences. Once selected, the equipment is sent directly to you along with all instruction manuals, warranty information and customer service contact information. Should your needs change, we are happy to re-evaluate and get you the perfect equipment at no cost to you! Some examples of phones available through TAM would be amplified phones, hands-free phones, large button phones, captioned telephones, mobile devices and accessories like amplified phone ringers and light flashers to signal when a phone is ringing.

If you have questions or would like to speak to someone about the programs above, feel free to reach out to Jenny Pearson by filling out the email us form to the right or click above to call us. Thank you for visiting our "booth!"