Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington

Founded in 1936, the Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington (POB) is dedicated to the improvement and preservation of sight and quality of life by providing services and education, and by championing healthy vision and innovation to everyone in our area.

Each year, POB impacts approximately 13,000 community members through our evidence-based programs, ranging from vision acuity and glaucoma screenings, eyeglasses distributions and fittings, educational vision resources and events, low vision rehabilitation services and support group networks, and more. We remain committed to comprehensive vision health, ethical service within the community, deep respect for individuals and families in all circumstances, innovation in service delivery, and our ability to serve as a facilitator among our medical and social service peers.

NEW to POB this year:

  • Low Vision Learning Center and Resource and Information Hotline: call our hotline (301-951-4444) to ask questions about available resources, services, and information as well as learn about available technology that is useful for those with a vision impairment. This free resource is available for anyone experiencing vision loss, their family and friends, and anyone else interested in learning more
  • Low Vision Facemasks: the Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington, in collaboration with the Checkered Eye Project, is offering free face masks, imprinted with the Checkered Eye symbol and the words "LOW VISION." This symbol can help reduce confusion, frustration, and embarrassment, for people with vision impairment and those they interact with, especially during the pandemic. Call us to learn more!
  • Low Vision Town Hall: moderated by an optometrist specializing in low vision, hear from experts in the field about available resources and services, and how they can be helpful for you! Conference calls held monthly