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A conversation with the Owner Residents of Maplewood Park Place

Courtesy of Maplewood Park Place - (8 min.)

Maplewood owner residents are drawn to Maplewood for different reasons. But as they describe their experience, the same two words are often heard: “loving life.”

A History of the Secret Service

Courtesy of the White House Historical Association - (48 min.)

Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig discusses her recent book, Zero Fail, which details the history of the Secret Service and the evolving security challenges faced by agents every day as they protect the President, the First Family, and those who seek the office.

A Lively Mother-Daughter Conversation about an Unlively Topic

Courtesy of GetSetUp - (57 min.)

Join Liz and her mother Joan Dillon as they speak on courageous conversations with your health care proxy, family, and medical team, making your wishes known, both before and after death, life reviews and legacy projects with ideas and resources, and downsizing, rightsizing, organizing, or minimizing.

Aboard Air Force One on September 11, 2001

Courtesy of White House Press Association - (62 min.)

A look back at 9/11 with former ABC News correspondent, Ann Compton, who was on Air Force One with President George Bush the morning of September 11, and Anita McBride, former special assistant to the president.

Aging in Place

Produced by Kemp Mill Village prior to joining with Silver Spring Village - (81 minutes)

Louis Tenenbaum and Susan Kimmel of the HomesRenewed Coalition address the growing need for services and home remodeling to enable older residents to remain safely in their homes and in their neighborhoods, how one can obtain such services today, and how individuals can be part of a grassroots movement to help make those services more widely available.

Alzheimer’s: What You Can Do - A Documentary

Courtesy of Virginia Public Media - (55 min.)

This delves into the research that shows how our social interactions, diet, sleep exercise, stress levels and daily health habits have dramatic effects on our cognitive abilities as we age. With scientific data and personal stories about holistic treatment approaches, this film explores the discoveries that are changing the medical profession’s view of dementia.

Ayurveda for Better Health

Courtesy of Baltimore County Department of Aging - (35 min.)

This presentation will outline the benefits of the nutritional approach to health called Ayurveda from Dr. Divya Selvakumar, Ph.D., Nutrition Program Manager for the Baltimore County Department of Aging.

Chocolate City: A History of Race and Civil Rights in Washington, DC

Courtesy of White House Historical Association - (70 min.)

Historians Derek Musgrove and Chris Myers Asch discuss their book, Chocolate City: A History of Race and Democracy in the Nation’s Capital, and detail the tensions between race and democracy, and the impacts on slavery, segregation, civil rights and gentrification in Washington, D.C.

Dementia Friendly Baltimore County

Courtesy of Baltimore County Department of Aging - (26 min.)

Discover the possibilities of Dementia Friendly Baltimore County with Emily Kearns, Dementia Friendly Coordinator, Baltimore County Department of Aging.

Dr. Mark Warshawsky - Social Security: What needs to change

(59 min.)

Dr. Warshawsky, an economist and former Deputy Commissioner of Social Security, explains why the vital program is in need of reform and discusses a variety of updates and changes that can make it stronger for the future.

Home-Based Cardiac Rehab

Courtesy of GetSetUp - (55 min.)

Guest Speaker Dr. Patrick Dunn, the Program Director for the Center for Health Technology & Innovation at the American Heart Association will speak on cardiac rehabilitation. He will share how health tech and home-based cardiac rehabilitation is a safe and effective option for most individuals.

How to Make Your Savings Last as Long as You Do

Courtesy of Silver Spring Village - (72 min.)

Financial journalist, Kimberly Lankford, gives this presentation to an audience on Zoom covering personal finance issues of importance to all older adults, including changes to IRAs and retirement account RMDs over the past year.

How to Use Your Phone as a Life-Saving Device

Courtesy of GetSetUp - (52 min.)

John Pastore, inventor of the emergency alert sticker and founder of Emergency Info Plan, will teach you how to use your smartphone to alert both 911 and emergency contacts with your location and provide vital medical information to those coming to your aid.

Inside Camp David

Courtesy of the White House Historical Association - (42 min.)

Michael Giorgione provides an inside account of Camp David, the famous presidential campsite in the Catoctin Mountains. A Navy veteran of 29 years, Giorgione served as the commander of Camp David during the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush presidencies.

Interview with Diane Rehm

(76 min.)

Host of a National Public Radio daily talk show with millions of listeners for decades, Diane Rehm recently retired to a schedule of weekly podcasts and a monthly book club. She discusses her remarkable career, her upbringing and married life, and her involvement in the "right to die" movement in this conversation with Beacon publisher Stuart Rosenthal.

Learn about climate change

Courtesy of Silver Spring Village and Silver Spring Town Center, Inc. - (83 min.)

Dr. Robert T. Watson, former chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change discusses the current and projected state of climate, biodiversity, land degradation and pollution and their inter-connections, the underlying drivers of change, their impact on human well-being, and potential response measures by the full range of actors, including the US government and individuals.

Legal Documents to Plan for Your Future

Courtesy of Silver Spring Village - (90 min.)

Elder law and estate planning attorney Barry Fierst discusses the many legal documents older adults should have, including Powers of Attorney, a will, and more.

Marriage Equality & The Supreme Court

Courtesy of Silver Spring Village - (73 min.)

Silver Spring Village presents a discussion about the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v Hodges that guaranteed same-sex couples the right to marry. The discussion includes Douglas Hallward-Drieiemeir, one of the attorneys who argued the case, and Jim Obergefell, the named plaintiff. Montgomery County Councilmember Evan Glass moderates.

Mental Health Research from National institute on Aging

Courtesy of “50+ in Montgomery County” cable television show - (78 min.)

Older adults have proven to be “quite resilient” during the pandemic despite challenges specific to their age group, according to Dr. Elizabeth Necka from the National Institute on Aging. Necka joined host Katie Smith on one of Montgomery County’s most popular cable shows to discuss the institute’s latest research on older adults’ mental health, as well as to share tips on staying socially connected. 50+ in Montgomery County – previously known as Seniors Today – airs monthly and features special guests from a range of specialties who discuss topics related to the health and well-being of older residents.

Pandemic Ethics: What Have We Learned So Far? What Challenges Lie Ahead?

Courtesy of Little Falls Village and Little Falls Library (MCPL) - (78 min.)

Millie Solomon, President of the Hastings Center, and Bradford Gray, Board Chairman of the Hastings Center, the world’s premier bioethics research institute, discuss the ethical issues that have come up as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partner Spotlight: Howard County Police Dept.

Courtesy of Howard County Office on Aging and Independence (HCOAI) - (2 min.)

Learn how Howard County Police Department’s Outreach Division educates and empowers older adults and our diverse community through various programs.

Partnering with Cultural Community Leaders: Laying the Groundwork

Courtesy of Howard County Office on Aging and Independence (HCOAI) - (22 min.)

This video shows an exploratory discussion with Sue Song, president of the Howard County Korean American Senior Association and Jenna Crawley, Administrator, Howard County Office on Aging and Independence, on the strong partnership built to support the Korean community in Howard County.

Reflections on Race in America

Courtesy of Silver Spring Village - (80 min.)

Former Montgomery County Executive and law professor Isiah (Ike) Leggett discusses his childhood experiences growing up in Louisiana and his personal reflections on race in America.

Rewire Your Today For A More Fulfilling Tomorrow - Learn to Better Pursue Your Goals

Courtesy of GetSetUp - (101 min.)

Living longer and healthier lives demand new and creative planning to discover new passions, purpose, and possibilities. Life was challenging before the pandemic and now making decisions and knowing what you want to do next is even harder. Author Jeri Svolunedlar will guide learners in answering the question of what’s next using the highly successful 5 Step Rewiring Process found in her book, “Don’t Retire, REWIRE!” Jeri’s goal is to help people identify what drives them; to unearth the people, places, and things that will keep them engaged and connected with life throughout their life.

Spark Joy in Your Space

Courtesy of Silver Spring Village and Silver Spring Town Center - (74 min.)

Silver Spring Village and Silver Spring Town Center are proud to present Pam Holland of Mindful Decluttering & Organizing speaking about ways to make your home more enjoyable and livable through decluttering. Subscribe to the Mindful Decluttering & Organizing newsletter for free monthly decluttering and organizing tips, inspiration and member-only discounts at http://bit.ly/DeclutterYourLife_Ezine.

Your Mental Health: Social Isolation Before and After the Pandemic

Courtesy of AARP Maryland - (30 min.)

Join Thomas Cudjoe, M.D. and Michael Friedman, LCSW for a conversation on the impact of social isolation on the health of older adults and strategies to improve health outcomes as we age. The discussion will focus on the lingering effects of the COVID pandemic, including isolation, loneliness and the difficulty some people are having to go out again, even if they are vaccinated.